2015 - Present
At Chronicle Books, I am the sole Industrial Designer. I was initially hired to help create and produce a new division of products that are non-paper. For the past two years, a group of us have been working towards creating this line of goods. I have been the primary designer and production lead for these products, along with some additional help from my design fellow. Below are products from the Spring 2018 Gift Collection.

A to Z Desktop Organizers

A novel addition to any workspace, A to Z Organizers are made of powder coated bent metal, and are a fun way to showcase your pens, pencils, and other tools. The play on words makes this a great cross-over product that will appeal to both adults and kids.

* Prototypes of A-Z on the right

Desktop Buddy

Made up of metal and coated with plastic, this little friend comes flat packaged and can be bent to whatever position you desire. Desktop Buddy can bend a minimum of nine positions that are helpful for your desktop needs, along with being a playful decor addition.

Starting out, Desktop Buddy was harsh and angular-looking. The form was put through development to appear not so aggressive, adding softer features to appear friendlier. 

The Buddy comes flat in a envelope package. The user can then take the flat friend out and bend it to one of the desired positions. Desktop Buddy can bend up to 8-times on each limb. 

Never-ending Notepad

A ceramic list maker that was developed with Alyssa Block, a San Francisco Artist, based off her original vision of a dry erase notepad. Place the Never-Ending Notepad on the kitchen counter or desktop, take a note of a to-do, an erase when accomplished!

The contribution to this project, was the decision and design to change the notepad to be more of a listmaker, along with one of the main adjustments being where the pen sat on the pad, having it sit on the top, rather than across the available writing surface.

Artist’s Original Notepad Prototype (Below)


Alpha Shapes

Discover a new way to see the beauty of letterforms; the building blocks for playing with words. A colorful wooden block collection, Alpha Shapes can help create an endless number of personalized messages for display and play.

Magic Library Ladder

The merging of a classic toy (jacobs ladder), and an iconic image of a stacked shelf of books, the Magic Library Ladder is a creative amusement that inspires and entertains. Made from wood and painted to look like six classic leather-bound books, this little ladder will keep you perpetually moving your fingers for hours.

The packaging set off this concept, thinking about a product that would appeal to a  bookish client, but could also reach others in a nostalgic way. The ladder made sense, classic and cute, mini stacked books in a box that looks like a shelf; this product seemed like a no-brainer.