“Who is She?”
The “Who is She?” Mirror is a collaborative piece with designer, Patrick Keville, that was chosen to be exhibited for a show called Rumors Fly, represented by the American Design Club. The piece was shown at 2017 ICFF Design Week.


“Who is She?” a common social media phrase, refers to sightings of rumorous, mysterious and enchanting women we see in our daily lives. The mirror handle is in the shape of a question mark, with the mirror being the silhouette of a face. The viewer’s reflection inside the mirror frames the question introspectively, “Who is She?”

The one-way mirror obscures the users face from on-looking viewers, mysteriously masking the user’s identity. While the outside viewer is framed inside the mirrored silhouette, the user can look out of the one-way mirror at them and position the question from a different angle: “Who is She?”